National Credit Union Youth Month

April is National Credit Union Youth Month.

At Meijer Credit Union, we Give a Hoot About Saving!

What kind of saver is your child? One who saves happily, or with a scowl? To find out, stop by or contact Meijer Credit Union during National Credit Union Youth Month.

Every saver is unique, but most people who save regularly developed the habit early in life. Learning to delay gratification in order to save for long-term goals is a crucial life skill, and Meijer Credit Union is committed to helping our youngest members develop this skill.

To help encourage saving we are offering two special programs that our youth members can participate in from April 3 - 28.

  • Fund a Youth Savings Account with a minimum of $15 in the month of April, and be entered to win an additional $50 into the Youth Savings Account. Don't have a Youth Savings Account? Open one today and use the $5 membership share to start funding your account for the contest.
  • Color our National Credit Union Youth Month Coloring Page and send back to Meijer Credit Union to be entered to win our coloring contest. First place will get $30, second place will receive $20, and third place will receive $10 deposited into their Youth Savings Account. You can mail, drop off, or email your coloring page to Meijer Credit Union at 2410 Gaynor Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544 or Access the coloring page on our website, mobile app, Facebook, Twitter, and at our branches. (Please only use crayons, colored pencils, and markers.)

By helping your child give a hoot about saving now, you'll help them soar when they're older.

Questions? Call (616) 784-4822 or email