Our History

Meijer Credit Union was established as a state chartered credit union on June 25, 1958.

A group of ten Meijer employees, made up of store managers, truck drivers, meat cutters, and a store controller, submitted the application to the State of Michigan to get Meijer Credit Union off the ground. At that time, Meijer had 225 full-time employees, all of which were located in West Michigan. Today, Meijer employs over 60,000 people in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

As Meijer grew, so did Meijer Credit Union, as we have a current membership base of over 11,000. Meijer Credit Union was originally established as a benefit to Meijer team members and their families. In 2004, Meijer CU opened its charter to include anyone living or working in the Rockford Community. This charter expansion was necessary to allow us to serve the Rockford area in the 10 Mile Meijer Store. In 2017, Meijer Credit Union was pleased to announce that membership is now open to everyone in the State of Michigan. The change will give us the opportunity to effectively carry out our mission to the communities of which Meijer is apart.