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Bill Gillman

DF 805 Unit Director

Tipp City, OH

"I was most impressed not only with all the options and services available through the Meijer Credit Union, but more importantly was impressed with the personal financial planning services they provide to our team members. It is really nice to give our team members options like this with such positive effects outside the work area."

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Teresa Zlydaszyk

RAA Store #226

Rockford, MI

"I would just like to take the time to tell you how wonderful your staff is at the Rockford branch. I am the RAA here so I deal with Patti and Kathy on a regular basis (not to mention that I have been a member for over 15 years). They are professional, kind and patient. I take care of my elderly mom and dad's finances (they are divorced so this is two separate issues) not to mention all of my own financial business and they always treat me like the most important customer they have. I thought you should know that they are wonderful representatives of your company!

I should also note that I have never once had a bad experience in all my years of membership. And I have gotten several friends as well as my parents to join, not to mention many new hires at our store. And I can honestly endorse MCU based on my own satisfaction. Being able to say that I personally use the credit union is a wonderful selling tool. Thank you for all you do for Meijer team members!

I know I keep going on and on but I neglected to mention that Kathy and Jillian at your main branch are wonderful too. I live on the NW side of Grand Rapids and my family and I are frequent visitors to your branch on Gaynor. We often bring my 4 year old twins in and both tellers know us all by name. To my little ones, the credit union is all about getting a sucker. :o)

Kudos to your hiring staff for bringing in great people."

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Madelyn Elizabeth Drumm

Team Member Daughter

Grand Rapids, MI

"Thank you so much for your prayers and your financial support for my Miss Jr. Teen USA pageant this past December. I did very well in Florida, placing in the Top 20 of 107 in my division. I met so many new girls and had so many unforgettable experiences. Participating in this pageant has taught me many life lessons. I truly appreciate Meijer Credit Union's support.

God Bless You."

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Christine Bush

Team Member Family Member

Grandville, MI

"I joined the credit union because I was impressed with the rates, but because I was also excited for the opportunity to pay weekly through payroll deduction. When I learned I could directly deposit my paycheck with ease and immediate access to my money, I moved my checking. I then learned of the savings clubs and started accounts for each of my children as well!

Not only are the products and services exceptional, but also all of the staff greets me when I visit the branch. Brad Swee, CEO, is always available to personally speak with me and offer suggestions and advice when I need it…a personal touch you never receive with other financial institutions. It's a place where everyone knows my name!

We truly would not be where we are at financially if not for Brad and Meijer Credit Union."

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Toni Palsgrove

Team Member Family Member

Portage, MI

"When I heard that a credit union is a non-profit and could save me money on rates, I decided to check out Meijer CU. I met with the CEO personally, and I knew right away that Meijer CU was going to give me the service and financial advice I've been looking for and NOT getting from my bank.

Meijer CU was able to save me a large chuck of change on my mortgage! So much so, that I brought over my vehicle loans. And when it came time to buy another home, you better believe I went to Meijer CU. With such fabulous services and savings, I just had to move my checking there as well!

Even though I live in Portage, all of my money and loans are with Meijer CU. They have so many ATM locations and Service Centers, I don't even think twice about the fact that the main branch is in Grand Rapids. But when I do happen to be in the area and drop by, they greet me like I've been to the branch millions of times before.

I will always and forever be a Meijer CU member!

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Dan Vander Meer

Corp. Publications Coordinator

Grand Rapids, MI

"At my house, we love Meijer CU. Always nice, always prompt on the phone, and always a person to talk to. I brag about Meijer CU all the time. Happy 50th!"

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Mike Sullivan

Director of Distribution

Tipp City, OH

"I recently hired a new Maintence Manager for the Complex, John Simpson. As with all new hires we had 101 things to fill out, work him through and get him signed up for with one of the issues being the Meijer Credit Union. John not only signed up but based on our conversations almost immediately went after a car loan. Unfortunately initially he came to me and said that he could get a better deal at the Wright Patterson Credit Union than Meijer had to offer. I told him that he just needed to call the Meijer Credit Union back, explain to them the situation and let me know what they told him. John later came back to me and said that he was getting his car loan through the Meijer Credit Union and he had received, in his words, "awesome customer service" from an Emily Noordyke. Emily probably has no idea how well she made Meijer, Tipp City, the Meijer Credit Union and myself look in the eyes of a new hire to Meijer. Would you please share with her my gratitude for making our offering of a Meijer Credit Union membership in Tipp City truly a benefit for working here? Thanks."

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Steven Johnson

2009 Mei Dream Career Winner

Shelbyville, MI

"Meijer Credit Union is the only financial institution I've used. It is a nice place to have an account. Thank you very much for the kind gift for the Air Force!"


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Eric Potvin

Space Planner | E4 - Home

Grand Rapids, MI

"I am very happy with my decision to go with the Meijer CU. I felt that everything went great, and it was everything I could have asked for.

I was simply told that other CUs could always give me a better rate on a car loan, and they were just straight up better. I was told to stay away from the Meijer CU. WELL, I was NOT impressed at all with the other credit unions I went to, so I wanted to give Meijer CU a try, and it was a great decision.

I already did refer one person to Meijer CU last week, and I know she was also very happy with switching over. I will keep spreading the word!"

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David Meinke

Digital Imaging - Digital Printing

Grand Rapids, MI

"Prepare!!! Always be ready for the unknown..I try to be and it was a great benefit for me! Anytime I secure a loan with Meijer Credit Union, I always purchase the insurance that is offered for the unknowns life may throw at you.

In April 2009, I was in a serious automobile accident; I was in the hospital over a month and spent several months recuperating at home. During this time, my income had become limited (and the bills don't stop coming); with the insurance I added to my loan, it was a great feeling to know that my loan payments were being met with indispensable insurance I acquired on my loan.

It's a benefit you may not need, but when you do, the insurance benefits far outweigh the cost. Be prepared, I am."

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Kim Latvik

Relative of Meijer Team Member

Canal Winchester, OH

"You folks have always been good to us, and we plan to continue to use your services for many years to come. Thank you for taking the time to ask what your members would like to see available. The little things can make such a difference in making our busy lives that much more organized. I think the world of you folks; keep up the good work!"

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Ben Negron

Store Director - #173

Ann Arbor, MI

"A few weeks ago I had planned a gathering of friends and family at our lake cottage. I was planning on a dozen or so people and was interested in a boat to take people out on to the lake with. After finding one that could accommodate my needs, I began the process of financing it through the Meijer Credit Union. During the time I was approved, I found that the test drive of the boat we selected was taking very long and encroaching on the party date which was a Saturday. The owner of the boat finally was available to test drive the boat two days prior to the date of the party. As you can imagine, I was on pins and needles. The owner kept delaying the test for some reason or another. I was sweating it because I really wanted the boat by Saturday morning. As it turned out, we finally test drove the Bayliner Bowrider on Thursday and found it to be too fast and not to our liking. I began to fear that I would not be able to get a boat in time for the party. We began our new search for another boat on Friday and after most of the day had gone by, we finally settled on and purchased a branch new 24 ft pontoon boat from a local marina that suited our needs. The problem was that it was a whole new deal that required the purchase of a trailer to haul the now larger vessel.

During this effort, I communicated on the phone or via email with Ross and Keith more than a dozen times. Throughout my week of hand wringing and sweating the details, both Ross and Keith helped me with their constant assurances and support that MCU would be there to help. In fact, Keith was especially helpful in suggesting to me that I make the selection that would make us happy, rather than just to meet the Saturday deadline. The combined efforts by Ross and Keith included finding a federal credit union near my home so I would not have to drive to Grand Rapids to get the monies needed to buy the trailer. That alone saved me a half day of travel and money on gas. After many eSignatures later, which I also found extremely helpful, I want you to know that with 30 minutes to spare before my party arrived, my new boat was lowered into the waters of Devils Lake ready to shout out 'all aboard' in my new skippers hat!

Here is the best part of what they did that week in addition to their constant, calming, moral support: As they reviewed my finances, they discovered that I could save hundreds in monthly payments through a refinancing of my car note and other loans. I had to pinch myself to see if this was a reality. Weeks later, we have been proudly entertaining many new and old friends in our boat. Guess what I tell them...it would not have been possible without all the help and excellent customer service of the fine folks at the Meijer Credit Union. I am so proud to be a member of MCU and have recently encouraged everyone at work and home to click on your website to see what you can do for them. Please let Ross and Keith know our kids and friends are having a blast on the lake and it's all because of MCU and the great people there like them. Thanks again for everything!"