Managing Your Mortgage Online

  • Make payments
  • View basic loan balances, details, escrows, and transaction history
  • Update contact information
  • Request to go paperless

Payment Information

We accept payment via cash, check, money order, phone pay, one-time draft or automatic draft, as well as in-person at one of our branches.  Online payments are processed via your banks routing and account number only.  We also accept debit card payments on-line through MVP, Pay Now On-Line Bill Pay.

Pay on-line using Customer Pay

  • Pay your mortgage loan from a checking or savings account from an outside financial instution via MVP. click here
  • One-time on-line payments must be made by 6pm EST to receive same day posting.
  • Set up a single payment or an automatic reoccurring schedule
  • Automatic monthly drafts are free of charge.  Online payments are the least expensive way to make a one-time payment.  A $15.00 charge will be applied if paid with a debit card.

Q. How will I know when my payment is posted? I did a one-time draft and it has not come out of my bank account?

A: Your payment is posted the same day you scheduled your one-time draft to take place. Please allow up to 5 business days for the funds to come out of your bank account Your payment posting can be verified by viewing payment activity online.

Q. I scheduled a one-time draft in error. Can I cancel it?

A: A one-time draft can be canceled as long as it is requested before the end of day it was scheduled for.  Contact Member Services immediately to request a cancellation of the one-time draft.

Q. When are payments due?

A: Payments are due on the 1st of each month and are subject to late charges if not paid by the 16th of each month.

Q. When is my loan reported delinquent to the credit bureau?

A: Your loan status is reported monthly and will report past due (30, 60, 90 or over 90 days delinquent) if payment is not made during the month it is due.

Q. Can I change the due date on my loan?

A: Only under certain circumstances approved by management. Please call 616-784-4822 for further assistance.

Q. Can I make partial payments?

A: In some cases you can. Please contact us for further assistance.

Q. Can MCU set up automatic mortgage payments?

A: Yes, You will need to fill out an ACH origination agreement form and return it to our mortgage department by sending a message through the contact us page.

ACH Origination Agreement Form

Q. Is there a penalty to pay my loan off early?

A: No. Your mortgage does not have a prepayment penalty.

Q. How can I make additional payments towards my principal?

A: You may make additional payments toward your principal balance at any time as long as the loan is current with no outstanding fees. Excessive funds included in your monthly payment will automatically be applied to principal. You may also make a principal only payment on- line, via mail or face to face in a branch at any time.  If sending a check please notate principal only payment.


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