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Good News For Meijer Team Members!

Do you have 3+ years seniority with Meijer?
We have something extra special for you! We are offering a special discount for all Meijer team members that have 3 or more years seniority with Meijer.

Discounts for Meijer team members with 3 years seniority or more, range from 0.25%-1.00% off APR*.

Apply Today

Form 1099 INT Instructions 

Click the button below to read the "Instructions for Recipient" information from the back of a standard 1099-INT form. These instructions explain how to read the tax information that will appear at the end of your December statement. 

IRS Form Instructions

Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Before you go to open houses, get pre-approved for a mortgage. Getting pre-approved will let you know what you can afford, give you peace of mind, a competitive advantage, and can mean better negotiation skills when making an offer on a home. Contact our mortgage department and get pre-approved for FREE.


65th Annual Member Meeting Minutes

The annual meeting minute are available to review by clicking the button below. 

2023 Annual Meeting Minutes & Report



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