Meijer Team Member Loan

Get automatically approved for a loan just by being a Meijer Team Member! Meijer Credit Union is rewarding you for your hard work and dedication to Meijer with the exclusive Meijer Team Member Loan.

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Details and Qualifications:

  • $500 Meijer Team Member loan available initially; 6 month term 
  • $1000 Meijer Team Member Loan available once the initial loan has been paid in full per terms; 12 month term
  • Must be a Meijer Team Member for at least one (1) year for both loans
  • $25 upfront processing fee on $500 loan
  • $45 upfront processing fee on $1000 loan
  • Be (or become) a Meijer Credit Union member
  • Have Meijer payroll direct deposited into a Meijer Credit Union account
  • Weekly loan repayments through payroll deduction
  • Only one (1) outstanding Meijer Team Member Loan at a time
  • Previous delinquencies may cause denial of loan
  • Must be current on all other Meijer Credit Union loans

Questions? Call our loan department at (616) 784-4822, option 4.

* Credit score will be pulled but will not be used in underwriting.
** $500 loan repayable in 6 monthly installments, will have an APR of 24.584% and monthly payments of $84.92.
$1000 loan repayable in 12 monthly installments, will have an APR of 24.414% and monthly payments of $90.50.

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