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It doesn't matter if you're purchasing your first vehicle or upgrading to a newer model — Meijer Credit Union offers new and used auto loans with competitive rates and flexible payment terms to meet your budget. We can get you pre-approval for better buying power, and quick local decisions to expedite your purchase.


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One of the benefits of having an auto loan with Meijer Credit Union is our Skip-A-Pay program. Our Skip-A-Pay program allows you to apply for one Skip-A-Pay for each loan in a 12 month period. This is a great option for getting caught up on other expenses or having extra cash around the holiday. 


There is a $35 fee for Skip-A-Pay. Please note that interest will continue to accrue on your loan throughout the month of the skipped payment. Also, the skipped payment will be added to the end of the loan thereby extending the loan. Loan secured by real estate are not eligible for this program.

Is Your Loan Eligible?

Visit your online banking to apply for skip-a-pay. Secured and unsecured loans are eligible for the program. The whole process is done online within online banking. 

Online Banking

If you are unable to Skip-A-Payment in online banking and believe you should be eligible, please call 616-784-4822, option 4.

Debt Protection with Life Plus- Your safeguard against the unexpected

Debt Protection
Your family means everything to you. And if the unexpected happens, you don’t want an emotionally trying situation to be compounded by financial worry. That’s why there’s Debt Protection, which may cancel your loan balance or payments in case of:

  • Involuntary unemployment
  • Disability
  • Death

Life Plus
For additional protections, Life Plus can extend your Debt Protection to address a wide range of circumstances, giving you the reassurance of knowing you’ve taken steps to help secure your finances.


  • Accidental dismemberment
  • Terminal illness
  • Hospitalization or family medical leave
  • Death of a non-protected dependent

This special insurance is available at the time of your loan origination and after. 

Protect the investment made in your vehicle and get a warranty and GAP insurance plan. 

Purchasing a vehicle is a significant investment, and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance is one way you can protect that investment. GAP Insurance covers the difference between your outstanding loan balance and the value your insurance company assigns to the vehicle in the event of a total loss or theft. It even covers up to $500 of your deductible on your insurance claim unlimited times for 3 years with Auto Deductible Reimbursement.

GAP Insurance is available for a one-time $499 fee that can be rolled right into your loan amount at the time of financing with Meijer Credit Union. The one-time cost spread out over your loan payments can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the event of an accident or theft.

  • What is GAP?
  • What does GAP cover?
  • GAP Advantage Benefit:

Route 66 Extended Warranty

Meijer Credit Union is pleased to offer Route 66 Extended Warranties. All vehicles qualify for a warranty plan regardless of age or miles. Route 66 Extended Warranties are the most comprehensive coverage for all makes and models of automobiles. They not only protect your investment from expensive mechanical breakdowns, but also come with:

  • No deductibles
  • 24/7/365 roadside assistance
  • Rental car allowance
  • Towing coverage
  • Tire damage protection
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Nationwide coverage
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Affordable pricing

With the Route 66 Extended Warranty's open enrollment, you can purchase your warranty at any time during the life of your vehicle. One of the nicest features of the Route 66 Extended Warranty is that they are fully transferable. With the price of vehicles constantly on the rise as well as the cost of repairing them, it only makes sense to purchase a warranty. Protecting your investment with a Route 66 Extended Warranty provides "peace of mind" because even the most reliable vehicle can breakdown.

A Route 66 Extended Warranty for your vehicle is more affordable than you might think. Also, if you are in the market for a new or used auto, Meijer Credit Union can easily factor an extended warranty into your auto loan. Route 66 Extended Warranties are often significantly less expensive than dealership warranties. Call (616) 784-4822 opt. 4 to speak with a loan officer about coverage and pricing information.

Questions? Contact our loan department at (616) 784-4822, option 4.

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