A2A Transfers

Imagine how much time you would save if you could do all of your banking at once. Well, Meijer Credit Union is working on it! We are pleased to offer A2A (Account-to-Account) transfers, a service that allows you to transfer money from your Meijer CU accounts to any accounts you hold with other financial institutions. Once you have completed the necessary paperwork to get your accounts set up, you will be able to transfer funds from your Meijer Credit Union account to other accounts through Online Banking, over the phone, and in person at any of our branches.

Much like a wire transfer, A2A transfers allow you to securely transfer funds to outside accounts, and although not as immediate as a wire transfer, A2A is significantly less expensive. A2A transfers are FREE to send funds to outside accounts, so this convenient service is cheaper than driving to multiple financial institutions or requesting a wire transfer.

In order to get started with A2A transfers, you must fill out an A2A request form. If the form cannot be signed through online banking, or filled out in person at our main branch, it must be notarized. To learn more about A2A transfers or to set up your accounts today, call our Member Service Department at (616) 784-4822.

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